Monday, 18 February 2013

Wardrobe Wishlist -- Part Two

So, I'll begin with skirts today.  I love skirts.  I love the way the swish.  Naturally, this means I need a swing skirt.  This one is the Doris from Pinup Girl Clothing.  But I'll probably sew myself a circle skirt.  Well, no, I'll probably make myself a lot of circle skirts.  I might have a problem, but I'm sure I could stop whenever I want to.  Naturally I'll need a pencil skirt as well.  This one's a Bernie and Dexter at What Katie Did.  And, perhaps most importantly, a petticoat.  This is the Vivien of Holloway that I've heard good things about, though unfortunately I don't remember where I heard the review.  I'm really leaning towards the red, but I go back and forth with the black a bit.  The red is bright and flirty, and it goes better with the swing dress, but might be hard to be subtle with the red.  Perhaps I'll need both!  (This is turning a little bit into my high school dream list.  I swear I'll get it under control!)

Seamed stockings and shapewear are a given.  I have a friend who routinely wears seamed stockings and I always think they're absolutely stunning, but I've never thought they look right on my more modern, and admittedly less coordinated, wardrobe.  I think a Snood would be fabulous.  I found a really think hairnet at the dollar store once, but it's disappeared somehow... So, a shiny new one will be in order. This one is a Vivien of Holloway.  I'm also kind of drooling over this Pill Box Hat from Pinup Girl.

As far as shirts go, I don't really have any solid must haves.  I want a cropped cardigan and a blouse, but there aren't specific ones that come to mind.  Shoes would be a whole other topic.  As much as I might have a bit of a skirt addiction, it is absolutely nothing compared to my love for shoes.  So, unless I say otherwise, it can pretty safely be assumed that I want all the shoes.  A pair of highwaisted slacks are also on the list, because I can hardly claim a complete wardrobe without at least one pair of pants. 

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