Saturday, 16 March 2013

Very Bad Photo-shopping :)

Today, I've decided to subject you to my very very bad photoshopping-paint skills.  After long and hard debate, I'm going to use the blue and white fabric to make a sundress.  I like the pattern, but, I'm thinking I'll adjust the bodice a little.  Last time I adjusted the bodice to fit. However, although it fit, the bodice was not exactly complimentary to my figure.  Perhaps that's because the fit was, admittedly, not perfect.  So, if I redrafted the pattern again, and really hammered out the last few flaws perhaps it would be better, but I'm still not in love with the bodice as it is.  And, I'm planning to adjust the one I've already made, so I'd rather do a slightly different bodice so that I have two different sundresses in the end.  Make sense? 

This, is the unfortunate photoshop I've made to attempt to show you my new plan. Most of the dress should look familiar.  The skirt, the straps and the waist section of the bodice are all from the pattern.  And the back will be entirely from the pattern.  The difference will be the top section of the bodice.  We're going to have some rouching across the front.  I'm thinking of a solid lining with a contrast fabric. 

Now, I realize this means I will need to iron out the last couple fitting issues with the pattern, so that this dress fits better than the last one.  However, I'll need to do this for the other dress anyway, otherwise, I'll have most of the same fitting problems as last time.  And this will take a little bit of pattern drafting.  But, I think in the end I'll have a nice sundress pattern.  And, I think it's a bodice pattern that can be carried over into more formal dresses as well.  Yay multipurpose patterns!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pretties- Fabric Selection and a Pattern Choice

As promised, a sewing update :)

I have not made it to the fabric store to pick up the things I need for the Shirtdress.  However, I have a small stash of fabric which needs a use.  Today's fabric exploration is this: 

There are much nicer colours in person, a bit darker and much more vibrant.  I got the fabric for Christmas last year, or possibly the year before, and it's sat in my sewing bin since then... It's a mid-weight silk of some kind, but without the tags, or any kind of information, I'm really not certain beyond that.  (I'm the first to admit, I'm horrible at identifying fabric...)  I have just under three yards of 48" width.

Now for the dilemmas... I have no idea what to make with this.  And that, I'm sure, is part of why it sat for so long.    I'm sure it would make a nice Pencil Skirt, but I traditionally prefer to wear my light colours on top.  That also mostly rules out circle skirt, although that it closer.

One option is a sundress.  I've made New Look 6557 before in view, but it required some major alterations to fit my larger-than-average bust.  (as a G cup, that's fairly normal, but that makes it no less annoying..) Even after my alterations, I'll admit to being less than happy with the outcome.  So, do I make a dress and just change the top, since I'm happy with the fit of the waist panel and the skirt? Definitely an option and I have a design in mind.  And it should come in at just about three yards, which is exactly what I have. 
My other option, is a bolero jacket.  I have New Look 6564, and I think View F is really cute, and would work well with the fabric.  I've had this pattern as long as the other one (I think the same Christmas I got the fabric actually), but have yet to try it.  Up sides to this pattern are that it uses less fabric, which means I'll have some left over to make something else.  Granted, that will just lead back here to another "What should I do with this" post, this time with about a yard and a half left of fabric.  However, I'm sure that would be enough to make a shirt of some kind... The downside to this one is that I'll have to adjust a new pattern.  I'm about 3" larger in the bust than the biggest size here.  The other downside is that we're going into summer at the moment, which means that jackets will be a little less In Season than sundresses.

All in all, I think I'm leaning more towards the Sundress.  However, I think that the jacket is a pattern that we'll see again.  After all, it's bound to get colder again eventually, and I'll need something to wear then too. 

Monday, 11 March 2013

Heidi Styles

Hello from the land of cough syrup-induced haze,

I apologize for missing you Saturday, somehow I didn't think that my hallucinations would amuse, and certainly wouldn't have been coherent. 

So, I return to you today, mostly healthy, but definitely coherent.  I've done a pair of stylings for the Heidi from Pinup Girl Clothing.  Some of the things I've paired with her should be familiar from yesterday. I'm still trying to show ways you can make different looks with the same pieces.

First, we have a more formal look.  You'll see the same red patent pumps and pearls as  we saw Friday.  And the same petticoat that's been with us the whole time.  I've used a different pillbox hat, but only because I couldn't find the same one I used Friday.  I love the coat.  It's probably a long way down on the list.  But it's so cute!

This is a more casual style for the dress.  The shoes and coat should look familiar.  A casual necklace and a practical bag help dress it down. 

So, We've been a little low key this week, but I think I've got a sewing update coming soon. 

Friday, 8 March 2013

Styling the Shirt Dress

In the good news, looks like I didn't get my boyfriend's cold after all.  In the bad news, I got strep throat instead.  Since I'm feeling a little woozy, I'll apologize in advance if I'm not as completely coherent as I usually am.

I went with something low key for today, a couple ways to style a shirt dress.  I've used the same one as I did from the Wish List, from H&R London.  You'll see a couple things carrying over from the two sytlings, and I'm planning to do this again for the swing dress tomorrow, and you'll see things carry over again.  The theory here is embracing the not-unlimited wardrobe. 

I already have a trench coat that's similar to this one.  Mine doesn't have the nice dark trim, but that would be a simple project for an afternoon someday if I wanted too.   I have some ankle boots.  Mine are black.  I saw a pair very much like these at Walmart a month ago, and I'm still kicking myself for not grabbing them...

This outfit is a little bit more dressed up than the fist one, with the pumps and the pillbox.  But, it has the same coat as the first version.  The same petticoat as well.   The red patent leather pumps will be a staple.  The thick red belt should be pretty easy to pick up somewhere, and doesn't have to be expensive.  The pillbox hat adds that finishing touch to the look. 

Those are my thoughts for the day.  Sorry for the brevity, but strep throat is kicking my butt.  Until tomorrow dolls!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Music and a Cold

I was pretty happy with myself for not catching the bug my boyfriend had.  And karma has come back to kick me in the butt... I woke up this morning and could barely talk, my throat feels like sandpaper and my whole head is stuffed with wool.  Lesson learned, don't brag about not getting sick.

So, I'm having a pretty low key day.  Maybe I'll need to find some nice vintage-y pajamas for days like this, 'cause I'm not getting dressed today.  Mostly, I'm spending the day curled up on the couch with some seriously passive video games or a movie.  One thing I've discovered is that seriously passive video games have seriously repetitive sound tracks. 

Enter The Andrews Sisters.  I was introduced to the Andrews Sisters through swing dancing.  They have some great dance songs.  But even for when I'm not dancing, they're good listening.  It's good up-beat music, always cheery.  So, even when I feel like I do today, I can listen to them an not be in an entirely foul mood.  Way to save the day ladies!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Beehive- Tutorial Review

So, I wanted to do something hair related today, after talking about all the hair things I want to try.  But when I went to bed last night I thought I was going to a barn to work today, so I didn't set my hair in curls.  And that would, of course, make it difficult to check out the pin curl patterns.  Which leaves us with

The Beehive

I like updos, it keeps everything back out of my face and off my neck, so this seemed like a good vintage hairdo that fits my style nicely. For the record, I have fairly fine hair that's a little below my shoulders when it's down.  It has a little bit of wave when it's dry, but it's fairly straight.  Also, fairly flat, but that's another story. 

Oh look, you can see the itsy bitsy tutorial in front of me!
I'm following the tutorial at Skirting the Issue for the 'Easy Updo Version'.  I like easy!  So, step one, split hair and make a pony tale. 

In retrospect, this needed to be a solid two inches higher on my head.  Up right below the part would likely have been perfect.  You'll see at the end, but it looks like mine sits a little low.  And the coverage from the front part is a little weaker than I'd like.  I'm hoping if the poof you make in step two is closer to the part it'll cover better.  But on that note:

Sorry about the bad selfie,
this was take 4 I think...
 Step Two: A Poof.  Directions say to "Backcomb the living shit out of that pony tale"  She suggested dividing it into sections to work with.  I used three, but if you have thick(er) hair you might want more.  I don't back comb a lot, so when she said make a big scary mess I wasn't entirely sure what to expect.  To say the least, it is a little distressing making a birdsnest out of your hair.  (I'm still a little nervous about combing it out later...) I also had some trouble back combing the ends, which I think would tidy the poof up.  As it was, I pinned the ends up under so I had a little loop and then pinned both sides don to open it up into a fan. 

Step Three: cover and tidy.  The instructions suggested back combing the front section, but that didn't work very well for me.  So, I brushed it smooth and tried again. And it still didn't work very well.  Option number three was to split it in two and crossed them.  One side wrapping down and across and the other side going the other way.  I'm sure that's a little hard to understand, if you need clarification, drop me a comment and I'll make a diagram.

I think with the changes I mentioned back at step one, I'll be pretty happy with it actually.  I might experiment with a tiny bit of back combing in step three to give my hair a tiny bit of volume at the front, but over all, pretty satisfied.    What do you guys think?

Hmm... my mirror looks really dirty...

Friday, 1 March 2013

Sewing Simplicity

Ok, you must go watch this video.  Right now.

I found it over at Lucky Lucille and my boyfriend was endlessly amused by, mostly, my reaction.  But really, she's adorable, and her boyfriend is hilarious.  And the patterns, oh, they're such dears. 

Ok, but really.  There are a lot of steps I apparently should be doing that I miss.  For one, never have I ever pinned the pattern together to try it on.  Well, that's a lie, I tried it once when drafting... it didn't work.  Tissue paper is just not strong enough for me to try that.  And I've never basted the whole dress together before sewing.  In fact, I rarely baste anything before sewing it properly. 

Now, there were a couple things they didn't do that I expected them to.  For one, they used the actual pattern paper, not a trace.  What are you going to do if you want to make the same dress for your little sister?  Once you've cut out a size 8 you're never going to be able to use the size 10.  I know women used to trace out the patterns on old news papers rather than wasting new tissue paper (Make do and Mend ect) so I'm surprised the video would let girls ruin a perfectly good pattern by limiting it to just one size. 

The other step that wasn't there was making the muslin.  But, then again, that's a lot of extra fabric for the dress.  Thinking about it, they do have two pattern-checking try-on stages before the dress is made, once with the pattern and once with the dress basted togehter, so maybe it's not needed.  In fact, it makes a lot of sense, why waste the fabric on a muslin when you can just check with the pattern.  Let's face it, their way makes way more sense.  Am I going to switch to trying on the pattern? Probably not, I've tried that and usually just end up with a torn pattern.  But then, if I'm honest, I usually skip the muslin step anyway.  And yes, there are times when I regret that.