Saturday, 21 February 2015

Wardrobe Architect - Week 8!

You may have noticed this week's post was a little delayed.  Week 8 was examining my hair and beauty routine.  When I originally sat down to write the post, I knew my routine was a little sporadic, but I didn't quite realize how erratic it is.

I like to wear make-up, but a lot of mornings I feel too rushed, or not quite awake enough to get it on.  However, I think it should be a fairly simple adjustment to start putting on 5 mins of makeup after I wash my face in the morning.  My 5 minute make up routine is just a quick brush of eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara, and of course a nice red lip on my way out the door.

My hair routine has fallen into a rather dull rut.  I cut it shorter over Christmas.  I haven't quite figured out what I can do with it now.  I tend to pin it up in a twist.  It looks nice and put together, but at the same time, a little dull when done over and over again.  I can leave it down, but my hair is very thin and tends to be fairly flat.  I've been trying to get a successful pin curl set, but it's still a work in progress.

So, today I've not so much found my beauty routine as found the holes in it.  But, admitting I have a problem is the first step to a solution.  Here's hoping!

Friday, 6 February 2015

Wardrobe Architect - Week 5 (And 6)

This week's exercise  from the Wardrobe Architect was to pick colours, and week 6 was to organize them into Neutrals, Nearly Neutrals and Statement Colours.  But, for the most inexplicable reasons, it was insanely difficult to pick colours for my wardrobe.

I'd already decided I wanted red and navy to be the main colours in my wardrobe, so I expected officially picking to be a quick and easy task.  Boy, was I wrong!  I'm not sure if it was confining already having some chosen, or if was because I didn't know what to add, or if it's because it was too open a concept -- whatever it was, this was a hard week of wardrobe rebuilding for me.

What made it a little easier for me was to sort my colours as I built my palette.  So, the official Bombshell Colour Palette:
Navy, Grey, Black, Light Blue
Red, Brown, White, Purple
For Neutrals, I have Black, White, Brown and Grey.  My Nearly Neutral is Navy Blue and my Statement Colours are Red, Light Blue and Purple.

Now, I only have one Nearly Neutral, however, since I have four Neutrals, I feel like I can get away with it.  And, since I'll be planning out all of my pieces in Week 11 (not that I read ahead, ahem), I can always come back and add in some more colours, if I need to. I'm sure i'll be easy, given how this week went!