Saturday, 16 March 2013

Very Bad Photo-shopping :)

Today, I've decided to subject you to my very very bad photoshopping-paint skills.  After long and hard debate, I'm going to use the blue and white fabric to make a sundress.  I like the pattern, but, I'm thinking I'll adjust the bodice a little.  Last time I adjusted the bodice to fit. However, although it fit, the bodice was not exactly complimentary to my figure.  Perhaps that's because the fit was, admittedly, not perfect.  So, if I redrafted the pattern again, and really hammered out the last few flaws perhaps it would be better, but I'm still not in love with the bodice as it is.  And, I'm planning to adjust the one I've already made, so I'd rather do a slightly different bodice so that I have two different sundresses in the end.  Make sense? 

This, is the unfortunate photoshop I've made to attempt to show you my new plan. Most of the dress should look familiar.  The skirt, the straps and the waist section of the bodice are all from the pattern.  And the back will be entirely from the pattern.  The difference will be the top section of the bodice.  We're going to have some rouching across the front.  I'm thinking of a solid lining with a contrast fabric. 

Now, I realize this means I will need to iron out the last couple fitting issues with the pattern, so that this dress fits better than the last one.  However, I'll need to do this for the other dress anyway, otherwise, I'll have most of the same fitting problems as last time.  And this will take a little bit of pattern drafting.  But, I think in the end I'll have a nice sundress pattern.  And, I think it's a bodice pattern that can be carried over into more formal dresses as well.  Yay multipurpose patterns!

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