Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pretties- Fabric Selection and a Pattern Choice

As promised, a sewing update :)

I have not made it to the fabric store to pick up the things I need for the Shirtdress.  However, I have a small stash of fabric which needs a use.  Today's fabric exploration is this: 

There are much nicer colours in person, a bit darker and much more vibrant.  I got the fabric for Christmas last year, or possibly the year before, and it's sat in my sewing bin since then... It's a mid-weight silk of some kind, but without the tags, or any kind of information, I'm really not certain beyond that.  (I'm the first to admit, I'm horrible at identifying fabric...)  I have just under three yards of 48" width.

Now for the dilemmas... I have no idea what to make with this.  And that, I'm sure, is part of why it sat for so long.    I'm sure it would make a nice Pencil Skirt, but I traditionally prefer to wear my light colours on top.  That also mostly rules out circle skirt, although that it closer.

One option is a sundress.  I've made New Look 6557 before in view, but it required some major alterations to fit my larger-than-average bust.  (as a G cup, that's fairly normal, but that makes it no less annoying..) Even after my alterations, I'll admit to being less than happy with the outcome.  So, do I make a dress and just change the top, since I'm happy with the fit of the waist panel and the skirt? Definitely an option and I have a design in mind.  And it should come in at just about three yards, which is exactly what I have. 
My other option, is a bolero jacket.  I have New Look 6564, and I think View F is really cute, and would work well with the fabric.  I've had this pattern as long as the other one (I think the same Christmas I got the fabric actually), but have yet to try it.  Up sides to this pattern are that it uses less fabric, which means I'll have some left over to make something else.  Granted, that will just lead back here to another "What should I do with this" post, this time with about a yard and a half left of fabric.  However, I'm sure that would be enough to make a shirt of some kind... The downside to this one is that I'll have to adjust a new pattern.  I'm about 3" larger in the bust than the biggest size here.  The other downside is that we're going into summer at the moment, which means that jackets will be a little less In Season than sundresses.

All in all, I think I'm leaning more towards the Sundress.  However, I think that the jacket is a pattern that we'll see again.  After all, it's bound to get colder again eventually, and I'll need something to wear then too. 

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