Monday, 11 March 2013

Heidi Styles

Hello from the land of cough syrup-induced haze,

I apologize for missing you Saturday, somehow I didn't think that my hallucinations would amuse, and certainly wouldn't have been coherent. 

So, I return to you today, mostly healthy, but definitely coherent.  I've done a pair of stylings for the Heidi from Pinup Girl Clothing.  Some of the things I've paired with her should be familiar from yesterday. I'm still trying to show ways you can make different looks with the same pieces.

First, we have a more formal look.  You'll see the same red patent pumps and pearls as  we saw Friday.  And the same petticoat that's been with us the whole time.  I've used a different pillbox hat, but only because I couldn't find the same one I used Friday.  I love the coat.  It's probably a long way down on the list.  But it's so cute!

This is a more casual style for the dress.  The shoes and coat should look familiar.  A casual necklace and a practical bag help dress it down. 

So, We've been a little low key this week, but I think I've got a sewing update coming soon. 

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