Thursday, 28 February 2013

Pin Curls

Hi everyone, I'm so sorry to be a day late.  My boyfriend has been sick and we spent the day in and out of the hospital yesterday.  Luckily, he's fine now, still feeling under the weather, but better.

And now back to our regular programing!

Pin Curls

Here's the thing, I've been using pin curls since high school, back before I had any real concept of vintage.  What is new to me are setting patterns and to some extent brushing the curls out.   When I made pin curls I'd set them wet and then shook them out and finger brushed them just a touch.  And I had absolutely no concept of how the different directions would affect the end result.

I've since learned that there were patterns in books to teach girls how to set their hair stylishly.  And now, people like me can take full advantage of that!  It's fabulous!  So, I've really looked at a couple so far.  One is at Victory Vintage where she's found a couple different patters.  I can't wait to try the Lauren Bacall and the Glamorous Casual styles.  I don't have bangs, so I'm not sure I'll be able to try the other two.  Of course, I debate about bangs a lot, that's a bit of a ongoing debate.  I always want nice full bangs when my hair is cut straight, but then when I go for it and get bangs I'm disappointed because they're never as full as I wanted.   

 The second set of patterns is at Skirting the Issue where she's made a pattern for a 40s look and a 50s look.  I'm more partial to the 50s look since I feel like my hair is fairly flat.  However, my hair might be long enough, like hers, that they look fairly similar in the end.  I'll certainly be trying them and letting you know!

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