Monday, 25 February 2013

Mad Men

**Mild Spoiler for Season 2 Episode 7 and 8 of Mad Men**

I was watching Mad Men last night and I realized I want to be Joan.  It was the scene the morning after she fired Jane where Joan walked in and finds her back at her desk.  There was a shot of her walking up, which I can't find a screenshot from, and all I could think is 'oh man, she looks fierce'.  When she walks into a room you know instantly that you don't want to cross her.  Someday, I want the instant respect that woman commands simply by walking into a room looking as fierce as Joan. 

But I'm constantly cooing over the gorgeous looks of Betty Draper.  I loved her party dress in Episode 8, the polka dots.  And I love the way she's always tidy and put together, the perfect housewife.  I think walking into a room like that demands a whole different type of respect from people, but demands it no less forcibly than Joan. 

These are the women that I want to be like someday.  Perfectly coiffed, my outfit coordinated, my hair and makeup perfect. 

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