Thursday, 15 January 2015

Wardrobe Architect -- Weeks 1 and 2

I have decided to follow along with the Wardrobe Architect Series that is happening over at the Coletterie.  After a year of trying to get my wardrobe together by myself, I've decided I may need a better system.  Hopefully some proven steps will be easier to follow than my make-it-up-as-you-go plan (which is so very unlike me).

Week one is about making your style more personal.  The homework is some self-reflection on what make you comfortable, and what you like to wear.  And, since its the second week of January, I did Week Two as well.  In week two we continue to define our personal style, and we were tasked with finding 15-20 pictures of things that represent our style.  I've decided to go mostly with patterns (because I'm a seamstress, and this is a sewing blog, and  I want a mostly handmade wardrobe).  You can find the Pintrest board here.

Week 1 Homework:

The basis of my personal style stems from my high school days.  I was always behind the trends, and by my upper years, I'd given up on following them.  I wore jeans most days, but layered tops and wore heels frequently.  I took the time to do my hair and make up.  I didn't follow the trends, but I still looked like the average teenage.

In university I started swing dancing, and became more aware of vintage style.  The 40s and 50s have really inspired me, and since then, I have really started to explore that style.  A number of online vintage style blogs focus on wearing what suits your body, and not the latest style, and that is something I identify with fairly strongly. As I rebuild my wardrobe this year, I would like to focus on these two things.

My activities and location will play a fairly heavy roll in my wardrobe.  I currently work full time in retail.  I'm constantly on my feet and moving, which means my clothes need to be comfortable and not restrictive.  It also means that pockets are almost a necessity. And living in Ottawa, where it is currently negative a million degrees, I will either need a completely separate winter wardrobe, or a summer wardrobe that can layer well for winter.

I've noticed that I prefer to wear fuller skirts.  I feel like they flatter my figure more, and hide some of my flaws.  I would really like to be able to wear a figure-helping girdle and stockings every day, however, it isn't really feasible at the moment.  I've also realized that I prefer dresses to separates.  I like that you look instantly co-ordinated, without having to match pieces in the morning.  However, this may also stem from my lack of tops that I like and am comfortable in.  I will make some separates as part of my wardrobe, but I think I will focus primarily on dresses.

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