Friday, 23 January 2015

Wardrobe Architect -- Week 3

Firstly, I have a confession.  It would appear that in my eagerness to get started with my wardrobe overhaul attempt number I've-lost-count, I've gotten ahead of the 2015 running of the Wardrobe Architect.  So, I'll be following the older version from last year, which you can find in a nice collection at the Colletterie.

Anyway... in week three we start to look at shapes that you like and feel comfortable in.  In the homework there is a pair of handy charts to fill out, ranking how you feel in a huge variety of garments.

My answers were:

I've been doing some pretty deep navel gazing for the past little while about my wardrobe, so none of this really came as a surprise to me.
I like dresses that are fitted in the bodice, and looser in the skirt for everyday where, with a waistline that sits right around my natural waist.
I like my skirts to be a little fuller, and my tops to be fitted.
I prefer necklines that elongate my chest. Jewel or high necklines leave me with a large (and broadening) expanse of fabric over the bust.
I don't like long sleeves (because they get in the way and I just push them up anyway), but three-quarter length is something that is under represented in my wardrobe.  Generally I prefer some variation of short sleeves.

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