Monday, 19 May 2014

Pattern Review: Butterick 5605

I really like this pattern.  I found the hardest part was sewing the gusset section of the bodice side to center pieces (in both front and back).  I'm not entirely satisfied with the fit of mine, and I'll show you why in the reveal next week, but it is a very comfy dress, with pockets, that's perfect for looking pretty while going about your day.

All of the waist shaping is done in the side pieces, which makes it really easy to transition between sizes.  The bodice is self-lines, which means the only finishing you have to do is top stitching.  Granted, one of the biggest flaws in my dress is the top stitching on the button tabs, but, it is easy finishing, despite not turning out well.

I find that it does look much better with a crinoline on.  Without it the long skirt is fairly limp, which is never really an attractive look.  I would have preferred a scoop or v neckline, as it turns out they look better on me.  However, the neckline published I'm sure looks very good on some people, and balances the low back well from a design perspective.

I think next time I make this dress, and there very likely will be a next time, I'm going to cut the bodice front on the fold.  And, if I can fit it onto the fabric, I might do the same for the skirt front.  I'll likely adjust the neckline as well, but other than a couple fitting changes beyond that, I love this dress.  It's a great dress to wear when you still want to be doing things and want pockets.

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