Sunday, 28 September 2014


There are so many holes in my wardrobe still that it can be hard to pin point exactly what they are.  When asked what the problem with my wardrobe is, I tend to just wave at the closet and reply "all of it".  However, one thing I've really noticed I'm missing, as the fall weather starts to roll in, are layering pieces.  While I've almost perfected my Portrait Blouse (version 4 should be perfect), which is a perfect under layer, I don't have a lot of cardigans to go over them.  

And so, off to the local thrift shop I went.  I'd been a few months ago, in the heat of summer, just to check it out, and there had been a huge variety of cardigans.  When I went this time, there was less of a selection.  It really is all about timing.  

Even still, I found two cardigans I like.  

 I chose the grey and the black because they were both neutral and fit with the colour scheme I already have in my wardrobe, as well as the one I'm building towards.  I also found a pair of knee high boots for a steel.  They look fabulous, unfortunately, after about ten minutes of walking the comfort level plummets.  Hopefully I can find some gel insoles to help with that.

 And in parting, a picture of Jager, the ridiculously photogenic dog.
All photography in this post was done by Misha Sgro.  She's a fabulous photographer and artist, you should all check her out.

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