Monday, 14 April 2014

Next up: Spring Dress!

Excellent news everyone!  My three month probation has finally finished at work, which means my perks kick in!  The most exciting is the display program, which lets me make one outfit a month with all the materials supplied for me, in exchange for the garment hanging in the store for a month.

So, without further ado: Project April!

I'm going to be doing a version of Butterick 5605, view C (in the top right).  I got the pattern for Christmas and I was planning to make it for dinner with my fiancee's work, back in January.  If you recall, my stash-busting was my doom, and the dress got shelved.

So, on Saturday, my manager very kindly cut 4 meters of a gorgeous stretch poplin.  It is fairly light, cotton polyester, royal blue on lighter blue.  The pictures don't really do the colour justice, unfortunately.  It has a nice hand to it and I think it'll work really well with the skirt in this pattern.  There's enough body to fill out the back pleats, but its still light enough to fall nicely, especially over a petticoat.

This is truer to the colour

I've got two weeks to get the finished dress back to work, where it will hang for a month, and then it's all mine!  Needless to say, I'm fairly excited about this whole program.

Fabric and materials were provided by my employer in exchange for use of the dress as display for one month.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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