Friday, 4 April 2014

Better Fit Friday: Broad Back, Narrow Waist

This adjustment is similar to the adjustment made last week.  Last week, we broadened the back and the waist.  This week, we will be adjusting the back across the shoulders, but leaving it at the waist as is.  It is recommended for the 'young figure'.

To make this adjustment, slash the Bodice Back under the arm scythe and through the shoulder dart.  The piece with the arm scythe is then moved out to provide the necessary space at the shoulder blades.  Increase the shoulder dart by the amount of the adjustment.  This insures that when you attach the shoulders, the bodice front and back are the same size.  Redraw the line from the arm scythe down to the waist.  It will be a sharper angle thee previously to accommodate the width added.

 The rest of the Better Fit Friday series can be found here.  Thanks for tuning in, and stay tuned next week for the Round Back!

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