Wednesday, 18 September 2013


For those of you who don't remember the earlier posts of the Snood Saga, the thrilling tale can be found here.

Selfie before Honey is up to take pictures for me.
There was a sneak peak on Monday of the finished snood.  Overall, I'm really happy with it.  No, my stitches aren't even.  No, I didn't manage to follow the pattern perfectly.  However, I did manage to crochet my first pattern.  And I did manage to make myself a snood that is comfortable and looks fabulous.

The other side.  Sorry, it's really hard to see anything here... 

As I mentioned originally, I found the pattern online, and then followed along with a tutorial on YouTube.  It turns out, the pattern I chose was wonderfully simple.  There were a total of four types of stitches.  The Chain, the Long Treble, the Double and the Single Crochet, and the last two were only used at the end for the boarder.  Since so much of it was the same, it made it really easy to learn the stitches.

It wasn't on the original pattern, but the tutorial showed how to add a row that lets you feed a ribbon around the edge.  There is a ribbon on the pattern 'envelope' picture, but it doesn't seem to go around the edge, just sits on top.  I did follow the extra step, but I haven't had a chance to get a ribbon yet.  In part, because I haven't decided what colour I want to use.  I could stick with black so it still matches everything.  Or I could go with white, which will still match everything and give it a little bit of a pop.  OR, I could go with red, which won't match everything, but will certainly be eye-catching...

I did manage to produce a passable version of the hair do I looked at in the second post.  I skipped the curl set, in part because by the time I had it finished it was time for bed and I didn't stay up late to set it.  However, I think everything still worked out alright.  I still need to work on my Victory Rolls.  But, I'd say it was a victory for me, because I was able to wear my hair done up for work, and not only did it stay done, I didn't feel like it was a total mess.

And, to conclude on a completely unrelated, but amazing note:  Bill Nye is on Dancing With the Stars:

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