Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Shoe-lemma (That's a Shoe-Dilemma)

I really like shoes.  For me, the wrong shoes can completely ruin an outfit.  But, the right shoes are a) usually expensive because I have good taste or b) unusually uncomfortable.

I've been trying to find some good shoes to wear for work.  Something professional, with a practical heel, and closed toed because it's almost winter.  I bought one pair, which I've left at work and can't find a picture of online (But I'll edit one in when I grab it), and I thought they were the ones.  They were amazingly comfy when I tried them on.  And I got sportive and comfy-making inserts.

And they are comfortable.  I can walk in them, I can run when I have to.  But, they are NOT comfy after I've worn them for a couple hours.  And this, is a distinct problem.

Unfortunately, it's a distinct problem I don't know to solve.  And it's a problem for two reasons.  One, is the obvious, my feet hurt all the time issue.  The second, is that if what I have to wear are the semi-nice flip flops, I'm only able to wear pants to work (because I can't wear pantyhose and flipflops).  Which means, I have three nice skirts that I'm never wearing, and one pair of dress pants that I wear every day.

What have you found for comfy shoes that still look nice?  I'm looking at Fluevog.

Opperettas - Malabran at $269.00 CAN
Mini - Bunny at $309 CAN

And yes, ringing in with three digit price tags, this is really more in the realm of shoe-porn as my friends call it.  I've heard they are well worth the price and last forever, but I can't really justify $300 shoes right now... Sigh.


  1. If part of the job requires staying behind a desk for a significant amount of time, slip off the shoes. Problem solved. Or just make sure the legs are shaved and forgo the hose and go for the flip-flops. Because pantyhose is the enemy. THE ENEMY, I TELLS YA.

  2. Unfortunately, I need to be able to get up with no notice. So, I can slip off the flipflops (and I do), but not the nicer shoes because I can't put them back on without it being fairly obvious to guests that that's what I'm doing...
    And I kind of link pantyhose. They make your legs look smooth and help firm everything up just a touch ;)