Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Cheap&Now VS Expensive&Awaited

I've come to the conclusion that I probably need some more tops to wear to work right now...

Now, I would really like to have a selection of well made, well fitted shirts to wear to work right now.  However, these well made, well fitting shirts seem to either be expensive, or requires a bit more sewing time that I really have right now.  A full wardrobe's worth of self-made clothing is the goal, but is going to take some time to do.  The other option then is to buy a 'Temporary Wardrobe' of cheaper shirts.  Things that look nice and fit well enough to hold me over while I finish making my new wardrobe.

I can't keep wearing the same 6 shirts to work every week, at least not when half of them don't fit well and I'm doing laundry every other week if I'm lucky.  So, I think the only feasible option is the Temporary Wardrobe to get me through the transition.  I've got a day to myself today while my Darling Honey takes the puppy down to the States to get fixed (I'm so excited).  My main task is going to be laundry, but I'm going to try and go shopping as well.   I'll pick up a few more shirts, and that way I'll have a little bit more variety in my wardrobe, and not have to keep wearing shirts that don't fit.

It's interesting to realize how much effort it takes to create a good wardrobe. Especially knowing that back in the 50s and 60s it was simply expected.  But, as discussed in an article by the Huffington Post Seven Ways Your Grandmother Dressed Better Than You there are some other things that have changed as well.  Those were eras when clothing was made better and was expected to last.  The price tag reflected this too.  There wasn't the option of cheap disposable clothing that has taken over the main stream.  This was also a time when people were expected to dress for the occasion, whether it was taking the dog for a walk, or going out to a party.  Now, everything has become far more casual and it's acceptable to go out to the store in pajama pants.

What are your thoughts?  Is it better to budget and plan a little bit to have high quality items that will last multiple seasons?  Or do you prefer to pick something up at a good price, wear it for a month or two and replace it?

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  1. Too bad it's hard to find something good for cheap. Why can't you do both? Get maybe two or three nicer shirts for now so the others don't get all worn down while you look for high-quality things? Then again, I greatly dislike shopping and am somewhat of a fashion pariah, so you might want someone else's opinion :P