Thursday, 5 December 2013

Planning Ahead and Dreaming Just a Little

So, I've been working away on my Portrait Blouse.  I recently discovered that I've sewn the back on inside out (after I'd tied everything off and of course using French Seams at the shoulders).  Luckily (or unluckily since this is likely how I made the mistake) the fabric looks the same on the right and wrong sides.  So, I'm going to spread the darts and sew them down, like it was an intentional point of visual interest.

In other, more optimistic news, I've been told some of the patterns I'll be getting for Christmas.  I have a lot of extended family, and decided that I would ask most of them for patterns this year.  One of my aunts discovered that she wasn't the only one who was given a list of patterns so called to make sure no one else would get me the same patterns.  Which means I now know some of my presents and I've been excitedly plotting.  They'll likely be familiar from my Patterns of Note posts recently.

I know for example I'm getting New Look 6227.
New Look 6227

Now, all I can imagine is view A, in bright red!  Now luckily, Tilly, from Tilly and the Buttons is currently hosting the giveaway to end all giveaways!  The Stitcher's Dream Christmas Givaway runs until Sunday December 8th, so I would definitely recommend heading over to check it out.

I found Vibrant Cardinal Red Wool Blend Coating at Britex Fabrics and Red and Black Jacquard Print Lining at Minerva Crafts and I think I need both so I have a cape for spring!

Well, good luck everyone!

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