Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Another Girdle Experiment

The other day, I was reading over at Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust, a trick for stockings.  For her photo shoot she used nylons that had been cut off so only the legs remained.  This means that the stockings don't have that elastic ridge around the top, like stay-ups do.  And, without the elastic the stockings don't cut into he tops of your thighs.

So, early yesterday morning I cut the tops of my uncomfortable Dollarstore Nylons and slipped (or, rather pulled, squirmed and hiked) into my girdle and wiggled my way to work.  The girdle was just as comfy as last time.  I didn't have any issue with it cutting into my waist this time.  I'm not sure if I wore it at a slightly different height, or what, but it worked.

I did have one issue.  I think because the stockings were a little too long, the garter tabs weren't being pulled tight at the back.  This led to some pretty sharp pains where the garters were digging in.  But, I undid the back tabs and didn't have a problem.  The front and side tabs were able to keep the stockings up, and the back tabs didn't bother me at all hanging loose.

So, another successful girdle experiment!

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